Demoscene Participate


There are three ways you can participate in demoscene compos:

  • submit an entry
  • watch the compos and
  • vote entries!


Entry submission for Assembly Winter 2021 starts on February 22nd.

The basic process of submitting entries to the competitions held at ASSEMBLY works as outlined below:

  • Register using the party management system at
  • Submit your final update to the entry by the deadline
  • Participating to the compos as well as to the whole online event is free of charge!

When you register using the party management system, make sure you enter your correct personal information! In case there is a problem with your entry we might need to locate you or call you to resolve the issue. To do this we need your correct and full personal information!

When you are submitting the entries, make sure you follow the compo rules! For example:

  • Make sure that your entry has not been released before
  • Entry is no larger than the maximum file size of the compo
  • Entry uses only the approved file formats.
  • etc.

If you have questions about entry submission or any compo rules, you can contact us at


tl:dr; For all the compos entries are pre-selected for main screen by a Jury.

What are the “best entries”?

The entries in the competitions are typically works of art and there are very few objective criteria by which the entries could be judged. Thus the entries are typically evaluated based on the jury member’s subjective opinion of the entry. The jury members of course take technical excellence into account, but more and more emphasis is put today on the overall quality of the production.

The overall quality consists at least of the following aspects:

  • Originality: how original the concept of the production is (e.g. a new idea is better than one used a million times)
  • Idea: what is the overall idea of the production (e.g. is it just 3D object show or is there a meaning to the production)
  • Design: how well is the originality and the idea carried through the production and how well the different components (code, graphics, musics) fit into the design
  • Theme: does the production manage to convey a theme
  • Consistency: is the production consistent (e.g. is the quality of the entry consistent, does it jump back and forth without any central idea)
  • Technical merits: is the code/music/graphics technically very well done?

There are no rule books for “judging compo entries”. There is no academic studies that the jury could use to back up their views. What it all boils down to is the impression the entry makes on the jury. A technically great production might not make it pass the jury if there is no original idea. However, you can take originality also too far: if the jury can’t understand your entry, they probably won’t give it very high points.


The result of most demoscene competitions are decided by a popular vote through Assembly’s party management system. Every visitor can give 0-5 points to all entries where 5 is the best score.

Voting for a compo is possible right after all entries of the compo have been shown on the live stream.

Anonymous pre-releases

Entries in the graphics and music compos will be released for preview without author information to support fair voting.

The final entries with author information will be released after the prize giving ceremony, when the author names need no longer to be protected.

The compo entries in which the author name will be shown on the live stream will be released as soon as possible after showing the compo. This will allow the voters to see the productions in their own computers before voting.

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