Assembly is an event that gathers thousands of visitors every year to celebrate the summer, share some time with friends and like-minded fellows, and hone their computer skills. The festival has a lot to offer and one major form of activities are the annual Assembly Demoscene competitions in which legends are made and giants meet each other to reign over the virtual battlegrounds of games and digital arts.

What is the Demoscene?

Demoscene is the art of real-time: the combined talents of programmers, musicians and graphics artists resulting in amazing audiovisual shows, demos, that run in real time on your computer.

The best works are shown to thousands of viewers as one of main events of Assembly. The winners receive huge and international recognition. You decide who wins – so remember to vote!

Assembly demoscene competitions are where you can shine with your perfect skills in programming, visual arts or composing music!

Watch old entries at Assembly Archive

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