Demoscene Competition rules

General rules

Each competition’s rules are regulated by the following general rules as well as specific rules as specified in the following pages. General rules always apply except if overriden by specific rules.

The rules are intended to be compact and precise. We advise you to read them carefully and use conservative planning with respect to deadlines and other limits. If in doubt, please contact CompoCrew for clarification.

  • The author of an entry or his designated proxy must be present at the party to be eligible to participate in graphics or music compos and to receive any prizes the entry might win.
  • Remote entries are accepted for real time compos. Purchase of an oldskool ticket is required to participate.
  • Competition entries must be uploaded to the competition system before the given deadline.
    • All deadlines are hard deadlines. There is no update deadline anymore. However, if you are in trouble and need more time, contact the compo organizer.
  • All material constituting an entry must be previously unreleased. This means that the material in the demo (e.g. graphics, music) has not been used in any previously released production.
    • You may, however, include material in your realtime or development entries that participates at the same event in the music or graphics competitions.
    • Also, you can include some previously released components in your work if they do not constitute the main portion of the work. For example you can use previously released fonts and samples in creating your work if you have permission to use them.
  • You must own or have permission to use all the material present in your production. In case of a potential copyright infringement problem it is your duty to prove this. Please read the copyright FAQ.
  • Don’t use trademark or copyrighted content such as logos without permission. If you believe your use of trademark of copyright content falls under fair use rules according to Finnish copyright law, contact us in advance to verify this.
  • You must accept the competition contract when submitting your entry. This contract governs the rights and responsibilities of you and the event organizers.
  • Organizers reserve the right to disqualify a production containing explicit sexual, racist, or disturbing material or breaking any rule applicable to the particular competition.
  • Organizers reserve the right to change any and all prizes and prize principles in any competition. This applies especially to competitions where the quality or number of productions is too low to justify the full prize amount.
  • Organizers reserve the right to augment or modify the competition rules if deemed necessary, especially to clarify ambiguities or resolve contradictions in the rules.
  • Note that you MAY NOT use ANY music which you haven’t acquired necessary copyrights and permissions. This means that you have either composed the music by yourself or have got a permission from the original author, who is not a member of any copyright association such as Teosto or Gramex. If the music has been published on a record label it is then most probably controlled by Teosto and Gramex thus it is impossible for you to get any permission to use it in your work for free. You will be liable for any and all possible copyright infringements caused by your work.
  • Shown entries are preselected by a jury and/or compo organizers. If your entry is not shown, it will not be released by Assembly.

Competition rules