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You can find your favorite team swag in the Playershop. You can get merchandise from the shop at singularly low prices for various teams, eg. ENCE and Helsinki REDS. Exact team products and details coming soon.

TiQ Bags


TiQ Bags Oy is a family run business from Tampere, operated by sisters Tiina and Susanna. TiQ Bags makes bags, backpacks and fan products especially in the eSports field. This specialization came naturally as both sisters have eSports close heart and there are both current and upcoming players in the family. TiQ Bags also creates caps embroidered with the customer's on text design.

The gamer bags "Tony" and "Rasse" are created especially for players that carry with them their keyboard, mouse, earphones and mousepad. The bag can also fit a player shirt. The bags come with detachable interior pads that can easily be used to secure products while in transit. These bags are available with a unique embroidery or without.

The bags will be available at the party for special prices. Bags with custom embroidery can be ordered at the event and they will be shipped by order number after the party.

Prices for Assembly Summer 2017

Product Price
Gamer Bag "Tony” 79,00 incl. shipping (usually 7,90)
Gamer Bag ”Rasse” 59,00 (usually 69,00)
A Laptop Case with Embroidery 79,00 incl. shipping (usually 7,90)
A Laptop Case 59,00 (usually 69,00)
Beanie 15,00 (usually 20,00)
Flat-brimmed Cap 20,00 (usually 25,00)
Colored Caps 25,00 (usually 27,00 - 29,00)
ENCE cap 20,00 (usually 25,00)
ENCE beanie 15,00 (usually 20,00)
”arvid” Fan Shirt 20,00 (usually 29,00)
”arvid” Signature Cap 25,00 (usually 29,00)

Any embroidery for customer products starts at 10,00 euros.