Machine Dance

Fast, pumping music. Feet pattering like rain. A hint of sweat in the air. You’ve found your way to the Dance Gaming Stand! The game that takes the sport from eSport and cranks it to 11 and way, way beyond!

The objective of the game is to hit the arrows scrolling from the bottom of the screen at the right time, to the beat of the music. But wait, there’s a twist: instead of using a keyboard and a mouse, you’re using your feet to press the corresponding panels on a dance floor. The closer you hit to the beat, the better the score. Now go face off against your friends and beat the high score! But do remember to have fun.

Suitable for all ages and skill levels. All platforms are open for free play. Don’t be afraid to give it a try, you might miss something fantastic! The staff is happy to help to get you started.

The stand will be open as follows:

Thu 16-24

Fri 10-24

Sat 10-24 (tournament from 16:00 until ~20:00, free play on home platforms only)

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Are you a more experience player already? Take part in the dance game tournament on Saturday at 16:00. Tournament is played with song levels ranging from 9 to 12. The top player will receive a trophy for their achievements, and maybe more.. Are you up to the task?