Fighting with AI? Playing games while learning how to code? Let the fun (and learning) commence!

Coding has become one of those essential skills for everyone that is not limited to so-called “professionals” anymore. Being able to code brings many advantages and the only limitation is one’s creativity. You can build many cool things from art to games and all sorts of applications. For instance, common smartphone apps, fridges, ATMs, websites, and car’s ECUs are some examples that coding has made possible. Coding has also been a theme in ASSEMBLY Summer parties for a long time. Year after year coders gather to create amazing projects for the demoscene to showcase the power of code.

JUNCTION is bringing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) challenge to ASSEMBLY Summer 2017 that combines the learning of programming and the joy of gaming. Two games have been chosen for the challenge: CodeCombat and CodInGame. The challenges are meant for everybody, so it’s suitable for both beginners and more advanced programmers. 

Junction Livecoding

Junction is organizing livecoding where gamers play programming games and compete against each other with code. The content is suitable for beginners and more advanced coders. Visit Junction’s booth opposite of Jimm’s and join a livecoding session to get a few tips for coding.


20:00 – 21:00


13:00 – 14:00

18:00 – 19:00


12:00 – 13:00

14:00 – 15:00

16:00 – 17:00 / Machine learning challenge (Tensor Flow)


This game is suitable for beginners and it covers the basics of the programming. The player goes through different worlds which all include smaller puzzles. The game supports CoffeeScript, Javascript, Lua and Python programming languages. All of these are considered beginner friendly languages.

The game takes its players throughout different levels of challenges ranging from avoiding traps to saving villagers from the villains. In each level the player is able to learn something new or develop their existing knowledge. The players will learn the syntaxes of the languages and basics of variables, conditionals, loops and arrays. These are all terms that you’ll get familiar with as the game progresses. The platform also gives hints that help the player get through sticky situations. 

It is also possible to compete against other ASSEMBLY participants by joining to the event’s clan. You can join the clan in here.

Begin to play


CodInGame is a gamified coding platform for intermediate as well as experienced programmers. It includes many puzzles with specific topics, such as conditionals, for coders to develop their skills. This platform also supports up to 25 different programming languages which gives more advanced coders the possibility to learn new languages.

The game also has a multiplayer function where people can challenge each other. You can join the event’s official community by joining “Junction @ASSEMBLY Summer 2017” school in your personal settings inside the platform. 

Few pieces of advice from Junction to practice coding

  1. Get familiar with other people’s coding projects and do more projects by yourself. Often others have already done similar projects and reading (or googling) about them can often offer inspiration on how to develop yourself.
  2. Be determined to learn coding. Set clear goals and follow those. Clear goals help to focus on the relevant things and developing your coding skills.
  3. You shouldn’t feel like you are forced to learn. It’s okay to end projects and switch to more interesting challenges. The internet is full of materials offering various opportunities to try new things. They also often include a clear structure and ready content to begin learning.

Courses and other websites for beginners interested in learning to code:

What is Junction?

Junction is a student-driven community which fosters the culture of creating among young and ambitious hackers. Junction annually organizes many events which brings new and interesting technology to the hands of these young creators. The attitude of experimentation combined with new technologies create opportunities for young people to solve problems and educate themselves. The most important value for the Junction community is to create experiences which help and educate young people to tackle the challenges of the future.

Junction organizes events focused on developing coding skills and learning new technologies. Junction was founded in 2015 and has since organized its main event – the hackathon – twice. The first hackathon – Junction 2015 – gathered over 500 participants. The second hackathon – Junction 2016 – grew to over 1300 participants from 77 different nationalities. Junction 2017 once again expects around 1300 participants on November 24th - 26th.

Junction also organizes smaller events around Europe to inspire local communities to experiment and learn. In fall 2017, Junction will tour around Europe as well as Finland to organize local events, such as technical workshops and code golf tournaments.

More information at www.hackjunction.com.