IRC - Chat with other party visitors

Assembly has special party channels reserved for maximum chat-sensation! The official Assembly IRCnet channels is !UCR7KAssembly (multi-lingual).

IRC server in PartyNet:

IRC rules

To ensure the best possible enviroment for chatting, we ask you to follow these rules:

  1. No flooding (what so ever)
  2. No colors, CAPS or ELiTe TyPiNg
  3. No anti-social activities (swearing, calling people with 'names' or slapping around with trouts or other objects)
  4. No abuse of the channels (or people on them)
  5. No use of Showdown Pro or other lame scripts
  6. No selling of event tickets
  7. No auto-away notifications or 'idle' nicks (nicks containing away, idle, gone and so on)
  8. No public advertising of web pages or links that doesn't have connection to current discussion

Note: Any violations of laws, international or domestic, will be reported to the authorities.