Remedy Entertainment presents DJ Rx special gig on Friday 22.45

Finland’s leading game development studio which got its start from the demoscene is proud to present a live DJ set by our Sound Designer Ville Sorsa aka DJ Rx at on Friday 4th at Assembly 2017.

Ville Sorsa 

Ville Sorsa alias DJ Rx works as a sound designer at Remedy Entertainment, but he has also been a dominant figure in the the Finnish electronic music scene since the late 90s. Known mostly from his label FINRG Recordings, DJ Rx has been one of the key figures alongside Alek Szahala, Proteus and Carbon Based who developed harder finnish electronic music style. With more than 20 years DJing experience, DJ Rx has performed in all the biggest domestic clubs and festivals as well as Scandinavia, Mid-Europe and Australia. Besides DJ’ing Sorsa also works at Remedy Entertainment as an Sound Designer.