ASUS ROG Booth & Tournaments

ASUS REPUBLIC OF GAMERS program at Assembly Summer 2017 – don’t miss out!

This summer ASUS and Republic of Gamers will have their coolest booth yet at Assembly. Enter the world of ROG and come and try out all of our new awesome products. Bring your friends and compete in a 3vs3 Overwatch Tournament or showcase your skill in CS:GO solo FFA Tournament for a chance to win nice ROG products. You can also just hang out and get free slush drinks and enjoy gaming. Do not miss your chance to join the Republic at the ASUS ROG booth!

The perfect gaming rig requires good hardware, from the PC and its components to the monitor and the peripherals with which you play. Republic of Gamers brings you everything you need. Are you missing a crucial part to your rig or LAN setup? Jimm’s will be packed this year with popular ROG products for great prices.

This summer Republic of Gamers bring 2 tournaments to Assembly. ROG Masters CS:GO brings four teams to Finland to compete for $15,000 USD prize pool and a chance to continue to the next step in the $250,000 ROG Masters CS:GO competition.  Assembly Summer 2017 features the first ever ASUS ROG Overwatch Tournament on August 3-4 with $9,500 USD in prizes up for grabs for eight invited teams.

More information on the tournaments is available at:

Booth program


Sign-up for Overwatch 3v3 Elimination Tournament and CS:GO solo FFA Tournament


14:00-20:00 Overwatch 3v3 Elimination Tournament

16:00-17:30 Hearthstone Challenge with Kufdon and @Creapz

19:00-20:30 CS:GO 1vs1 shootout with ENCE’s Joona “natu” Leppänen


13:00-16:00 CS:GO solo FFA Tournament

18:00-19:30 Overwarch 1vs1 shootout with ENCE’s Ville "Trickwide" Saastamoinen

Please note that the schedule may change!

Overwatch 3v3 Elimination Tournament

Format: 3v3 tournament

Sign-up and information: the ASUS ROG booth on Thursday 3.8.2017

Prizes: ROG loot bag with:

CS:GO solo FFA Tournament

Format: 1vs everyone

Sign-up and information: the ASUS ROG booth on Thursday 3.8.2017

Prizes: ROG loot bag with:

See you at Assembly Summer 2017!