16:45 Welcome to ARTtech2017 seminars
17:00 'Empires & Puzzles': Big Game, Tons of Art, Small Team, No Problem
 - Tim Lönnqvist (Small giant games)
18:00 Capturing the abstract: Creating and making use of volumetric content for immersive VR experiences - Julius Tuomisto (Delicode)
19:00 Bringing virtual reality and reality together - Sami Heinonen (Netfreak VR)
20:00 Combining VR with physical exercise - Ville Piispanen (Evacrity)
21:00 Hacking Demoscene visuals with Unity without coding - Jugi Kaartinen (Immersal)

Tim Lönnqvist - 'Empires & Puzzles': Big Game, Tons of Art, Small Team, No Problem

This talk covers how Small Giant Games developed a successful free-to-play game in one year with a team of 10 and no crunching. The talk focuses on the production choices made, such as art outsourcing with multiple partners, that enabled the highly efficient development. The talk will give attendees of production, design and art disciplines of all levels an insight into how planning and execution to the strengths of the team can really make a difference.

Speaker bio

  • Organisation: Small Giant Games
Title: Lead Game Designer

  • Website:

Tim Lönnqvist has worked in lead, design and art positions in the games industry for more than 15 years. He's been part of projects both large and small (Alan Wake, Quantum Break, 3DMark Vantage, Tower Bloxx) and has lately worked as the lead designer of Empires & Puzzles.

Julius Tuomisto - Capturing the abstract: Creating and making use of volumetric content for immersive VR experiences

This presentation offers insight in to how we at Delicode create virtual reality experiences that mix volumetrically captured performers with game-like interactive graphics and virtual environments. What is the workflow and the creative process like? How does this type of volumetric capture differ from two-dimensional video, motion capture and animation? Where does this type of content fit in the VR and AR space?

Speaker bio

  • Organisation: Delicode oy
  • Title: CEO
  • Website:

Julius Tuomisto is CEO and co-founder of the Helsinki based creative computer vision agency Delicode (founded 2008). Apart from being a ten time visitor and five time presenter at the annual Blender Conference in Amsterdam, Julius has also presented twice at ArtTech and VJ’d for Kebu on the two occasions the synth master has performed at Assembly.

Sami Heinonen - Bringing virtual reality and reality together

Helsinki International Boat Show’s the most test-driven boat was a Terhi 445C - in the middle of winter with close to 1000 test drivers. I created a virtual reality test-drive experience and installed HTC Vive with custom hardware on a real Terhi 445C. The end result was stunning! This is one of the most prominent example of mixing virtual reality and real world objects. I’ll show you more experimental prototypes - hopefully I’ll encourage you to start doing crazy prototyping too, it’s great fun!

Speaker bio

  • Organisation: Netfreak VR
  • Position: VR freelancer
  • Scene alias: Netfreak
  • Website:

Sami Heinonen is a virtual reality freelancer, a real jack of all trades with over 20 yrs of experience in software, concept and service design business. Daily working as a lead designer of customer experience at Sanoma Media Finland Oy, and at the night time - everything possible related to Virtual Reality! 

Ville Piispanen - Combining VR with physical exercise

The core of my presentation revolves around combining virtual reality, physical exercise, fitness and training applications. Computer gaming is widely recognized as harmful to one's physical fitness, health and well-being. Virtual reality can change all this, the future is here.

Speaker bio

  • Organisation: Evacrity VR
  • Title: Director
  • Scene name: Scie
  • Website:

Ville is currently the director of Evacrity VR, physical VR content creator and so-called first VR athlete. His background in the ranks of Finnish army and private security sector combined with lifelong enthusiasm towards combat sports, physical fitness and computer gaming provide him with a rare toolkit in the current virtual reality field. Ville's main goals are to promote more physically demanding and realistic approach to competitive gaming through the use of virtual reality and driving the use of virtual reality forward in military and security training.

Jugi Kaartinen - Hacking Demoscene visuals with Unity without coding

Hands on demo of how to use Unity’s out of the box timeline editor, camera system, particle system and post-process stack in creative ways. Also talk about interesting (free) resources, work flows, and of course a lot of aesthetic considerations. 

Speaker bio

  • Organisation: Immersal Ltd
  • Position: UX-Lead & Co-Founder
  • Scene alias: Jugi
  • Website:

Jugi Kaartinen is a veteran demoscener and a real-time visual enthusiast with work spanning three decades. Currently, he is working on real-time visuals with his demoscene outfit JUGZ. He is also a co-founder and UX Lead in AR start-up Immersal.