ARTtech Seminar

We are thrilled to present the ARTtech seminars! Since the year 2001 ARTtech seminars have showcased respected pioneers, industry veterans, technology experts and artists in interesting seminar sessions on technology and art and the combinations of the two!

ARTtech seminars are organized during ASSEMBLY Summer and are available free of charge to all visitors (max 100 persons per session).  Entrance to the seminars is handled on "first-come-first-served basis". However, priority is given to visitors with oldskool tickets.

All performances can be watched live and as recordings from YouTube


Thursday 3rd August

16:45 Welcome to ARTtech2017 seminar

17:00 'Empires & Puzzles': Big Game, Tons of Art, Small Team, No Problem
 - Tim Lönnqvist (Small giant games)

18:00 Capturing the abstract: Creating and making use of volumetric content for immersive VR experiences - Julius Tuomisto (Delicode)

19:00 Bringing virtual reality and reality together - Sami Heinonen (Netfreak VR)

20:00 Combining VR with physical exercise - Ville Piispanen (Evacrity)

21:00 Hacking Demoscene visuals with Unity without coding - Jugi Kaartinen (Immersal)

Friday 4th August

12:00 Games industry – career in games why not? - Arja Martikainen (Barona)

13:00 A journey from gamedev demo compo to success of BADLAND games - Johannes Vuorinen (Frogmind)

15:00 Optimisation of rendering pipeline at Reforged Studios - Timo Heinäpurola (Reforged)

16:00 Live Coding Music For Educators and Musicians - Tommi Toivonen (MeHackit)

17:00 Big Art on a Small Scale - John Cipriani (Supercell)

18:00 Let’s replace humans with humanoids, shall we? - Sami-Petteri Pukkila (Eficode)

19:00 What exactly is cyber espionage? - Jarno Niemelä (F-Secure)

20:00 Why hackers matter - Benjamin Särkkä (Disobey)

Saturday 5th August

13:00 The fire is out! VR for rescue - Mikko Mäntylä (JYU)

14:00 Retro Coding For Dummies - Peter Smets

15:00 eSports in the curriculum - Jens Brännback (Prakticum)

16:00 A Story of One Game Company - Lasse Liljedahl (Iceflake Studios)

17:00 Hacking Retro Games - When Is A Trainer Like A Space Rocket? - Paul Grenfell

18:00 The beer league of eSports - Niklas von Schöneman (Grail Quest)

19:00 On Playing Game Music - Lukas Stasevskij & Saku Mattila (Game music collective)

ARTtech Seminar is sponsored by Remedy Entertaiment.