If you have a computer place, you should use the wired network.

  WLAN is offered at Assembly as an additional service for the PartyNet and most of the main areas have WLAN coverage. Be prepared that the quality of service may still be quite poor, as the wireless network is usually very congested due to extreme amount of wireless devices.

Please note that WLAN is for temporary Internet usage only, and we do not guarantee any WLAN services. If you need reliable connectivity, get a computer place with wired connection.


  • Per-user bandwidth is limited for assuring quality of service.
  • Open ports are ssh (22), http (80), https (443), imaps (993), ssl-pop (995) and irc (6667), all other ports are blocked. Practically this means that you can browse web pages, use IRC and receive email, but for example playing online games is not possible via the wireless network.
  • Personal access points and wireless networks are strictly prohibited.
  • Make sure that Internet connection sharing of any kind via your computer is not enabled.

WLAN hardware

PartyNet supports 802.11a and 802.11g standards and 802.11n in some areas. Your hardware (laptop, phone, etc.) needs to support either one of these wireless network standards.

Older 802.11b standard is not supported by the PartyNet.

Network settings

The identifiers of the wireless network (SSID) are “ASSEMBLY-FAST” (802.11a) and “ASSEMBLY-SLOW” (802.11g). “ASSEMBLY-FAST” is the primary wireless network and if your computer detects it, use it.

Both networks are open, so you do not need any encryption or passphrase. Network type is infrastructure or access point, depending of the phrases of your configuration software.

IP addresses are served automatically through DHCP service. WLAN configuration software usually has a scan function which can automatically set proper settings.