Sleeping area

 You can find the location of sleeping are from the map.

You can't store anything on the sleeping area. You need to take your mattresses etc with you when you leave sleeping area. The personnel will collect all unused items from the sleeping area. If you left something at the sleeping area, you can pick it up later at the Infodesk.

There aren't any beds, matresses or anything else. Just a concrete floor. So, remember to bring your own

  • mattress / sleeping mat (MUST have!)
  • sleeping bag
  • ear plugs
  • blind fold (if you need it)

Forbidden items:

  • Tents are forbidden in the sleeping area, because of fire safety regulations.
  • Inflatable beds wider than 80cm / person as they would take up too much space. I.e. if there are two people sleeping at the same time, max width is 160cm 

The whole sleeping area is open 24h/day.

You should take extra care NOT to sleep in front of doors leading to outside of the part place as these are emergency exists. The security will have to wake you up and move you to another place, and trust us, it is painful to wake up.

Sleeping in the corridor

You are not allowed to sleep in the corridors. Instead, use the sleeping area.

Sleeping at your computer place

You are allowed to sleep at your computer place by sitting on your chair and you must be fully visible at all times. You may not sleep under the tables or chairs.

Hotels & Hostels

If you wish to stay outside of the party place (e.g. if you want to sleep in a decent bed), here are some choices.