Setting up

Get settled on your computer place

 Once you have arrived on your computer place, all you need to is to

  1. set up your computer at your own computer place
  2. connect your own electricity extension cord to party extension cord
  3. connect your own network cable to the PartyNet switch (more details)
  4. turn on your computer

In most of the cases, there is nothing else to do and you can start enjoying the party. If you are having trouble connecting to the PartyNet, you should try troubleshooting the problem first and then contacting the NetInfo at InfoDesk.

Please note that

  • You may not exceed the boundaries of your computer place
  • You may use only ONE electricity outlet at the mains outlet
  • You may use only ONE Partynet switch port

 Please remember that all kitchen equipment (e.g. microwaves and coffee makers) must be placed in the separate Kitchen equipment area.