Ticket sales

  Tickets sales at the Main entrance is open 24h / day.


  The Infodesk is open 24h/day to assist all visitors with their problems. The Infodesk also sells ASSEMBLY T-shirts, posters and other memorabilia.

You can reach the Infodesk during the event by phone at number +358 9 3157 4170.

Luggage deposit & cloakroom

  The Infodesk also contains a luggage deposit (2 €/deposit) where you can store your big luggages and stuff that you don't want to leave on your computer place unguarded.

Parking tickets

  Check parking.


  The NetInfo is at InfoDesk and open 24h/day to help with PartyNet related network problems.

Security personnel

The professional Assembly security team guarantees a safe event for all of the visitors.

First aid

  First aid personnel is available around the clock. If you need help, talk to one of the security guards or come to the Infodesk.

Food & Drink

  The premises have Hesburger restaurant, which is open 24 hours a day, and other restaurants are open during the day. The locations of the restaurants are visible in the maps. On map page you can see other restaurants and shops in Pasila area.

Hesburger, Thu 10-06, Fri-Sun 08-06
Pizza & Grill (below Panorama), Thu 15-24, Fri-Sat 7-24, Sun 7-15
Piazza, Thu-Sun 12-16 & 17-20

Sleeping area

  Check the sleeping guide and map for details. This is where you can rest in between gaming sessions. The area is open 24h / day. 

Showers (men & women)

Showers are located next to sleeping area. You can also use showers with the sauna in hotel. Showers in hotel are available same times as sauna.


Sauna is located at Holiday Inn hotel 2nd floor.There is separated sauna and showers for men and women. You'll need to bring your own towel.

Sauna is open 12-17.


There are more the plenty of toilets to go around.


  Professional cleaning services are taking care of the of all the public places and emptying trashed. Please move your garbage from your computer place to the large trash bins.


Professional electricity personnel are standing by to fix any blackouts in the power grid. If you have problems with electricity, please contact infodesk.

Kitchen appliances

  Look Kitchen equipment area, rules and map.