Rules & Etiquette


  Assembly is a safe event for everybody, and we want to keep it that way. Please read the rules carefully and follow them. The party etiquette tells you where Assembly comes from and what you can do keep the special atmosphere intact. Finally, remember to take care of your property!

Remember to obey the rules and the instructions given by our staff.

With thousands of visitors creating a digital chaos lasting the whole weekend everybody needs to use their common sense and follow the party rules. Failure to do so can lead to your removal from the party place. The rules are there to make your visit more enjoyable, so let's try to keep them in mind while at the party place.

All Finnish laws apply at Assembly. This includes copyright laws, laws on drugs, public safety and so on. So use your common sense and the read the rules below.

By buying or receiving an Assembly ticket and entering the event venue, you choose to accept these rules and act according to them. If you do not accept them, you are not allowed to enter the party place.

You are not allowed to bring with you

  • weapons of any kind (not even LARP/roleplaying "weapons" if you can do real harm with them)
  • edged weapons such as knives, pocket knives
  • Leathermansor similar tools with knives (these are classified as edged weapons)
  • explosives or fireworks (e.g. firecrackers are forbidden)
  • alcohol, illegal drugs or medicine where you don't have a prescription (if required by Finnish law)
  • laser pointers, laser pens etc
  • smoke machines
  • Dry ice ("kuivajää")
  • kickbikes, scooters, hooverboars etc.

During the years people have tried to bring in e.g. wooden club (1m tall) and a double-edged hand axe, which probably both were made for a LARP game. Please, leave such items at home.

Alcohol & tobacco

  You are not allowed to bring alcohol to the party place nor can you enter the party if you are intoxicated.

Smoking is forbidden inside the party area. There is a separate smoking area outside the main entrance. Electronic cigars are also forbidden inside Messukeskus.

Software piracy

The copying of copyrighted software is illegal in Finland and this includes also Assembly. We will deal harshly with people selling illegal CD-Rs or hosting pirate FTP sites.

Coffee makers, microwaves and other electricity hogs

  There is a separate area in the party area where you can store your coffee makers, waffle irons, microwave ovens, fridges and other household equipment.

It is forbidden to connect any kitchen equipment to the electricity plugs in the party area outside this reserved area. You can easily black out a whole electricity segment with a couple of coffee makers - just imagine how happy your neighbors will be.

Sleeping in cars parked in the parking hall

  Sleeping in cars (including motor homes) is forbidden because of fire safety regulations. If you are coming with a motor home, please park it somewhere else than in the parking hall.

Music loudness

  All very powerful PA equipment is forbidden. You can bring your own "home stereo" equipment but that's it. The security personnel will remove all equipment that won't fit the rules.

What is the "normal home stereo" equipment?

  1. The speakers are not man sized (= big)
  2. The equipment is not rented from some PA store
  3. The amplifier won't put out more watts than a normal home stereo equipment would (maximum being 300W)

We will not allow any PA equipment that qualifies as a major "ghettoblaster" in to the party hall - so don't even try to bring monster PA systems to the party place. If you terrorize your neighborhood with your stereos, you will be removed from the party place.

We ask you to use common sense. It should be obvious to all visitors which equipment are really banned. We don't want to put up a noise contest among the equipment owners. You also have to remember that the volume level from normal home stereo can be loud as well, so keep the volume knobs down.

Extra structures on top of computer places

You can build extra structures or place your tall speakers on top of your computer place. However, you are responsible for potential damages. If you structure falls and damages something, you will pay the bill. If security personnel notices unsafe structures, you have to dismantle them immediately.

Damages to the party place

Every year we get a couple of smartasses who think it is extremely cool to paint graffitis on the party place walls' or nearby traffic signs. Some others find it very tempting to attach stickers on the walls of the party place. DON'T DAMAGE the party place.

Remember that all damages to the party place are substracted from the prizes! Have some respect and don't act like an idiot.

PartyNet rules

There are always a couple of wannabe crackers (read, script kiddies) trying to cause havoc in the party net, so it is forbidden to:

  • You are not allowed to monitor network traffic to machines other than your own in any way.
  • Cracking attempts on Assembly servers or other machines in the PartyNet are of course forbidden
  • You are not allowed to distribute or retrieve copyrighted material.
  • You are not allowed to distribute or retrieve illegal explicit material. (Finnish law draws the line with children/animals/violence)

Disturbing materials (video etc)

You are not allowed to publicly watch pornographic or other distrubing/hardcore violent materials. Yes this means simply "No porn and no lets-spill-the-blood videos". This same rule applies to pictures and all other media where you can distribute or view such materials. You have to keep in mind that you are not alone in the event, thus you might seriously hurts someone else's feelings or beliefs by watching such materials from your monitor. And yes, by watching it you will force feed it to people around you. Breaking this rule can get you removed from the party place without prior warning (!).

Miscellaneous rules 

  •   Photographing or filming/recording in Assembly is strictly prohibited without written authorization from Assembly Organizing, unless the photos are meant for private and personal, non-commercial use only.
  • You are not allowed to bring stickers or anything that is attached with some kind of adhesive to the party place. Each year, stickers cause some damage that needs to be repaired and we must pay for. Keep in mind it's all away from the prizes.
  • You are not allowed to publicly advertise any companies or services, that are not sponsoring Assembly event. This basically means: no giveaways, no software CDs, no flyers etc. If you wish to distribute material that is somehow demoscene/gaming/Assembly related, we are happy to help you, but please ask us first.
  • All sales of bevarages (food & drinks), new computer hardware and software is prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to collect other people's bottles without permission. There are bottle collection stations at the party place. The money from these empty bottles goes to charity choosen by Assembly Organization.


The original Assembly feeling is made of the interaction of thousands of different persons and the only way to make that feeling a great one is that everybody contributes positively to it.

Back in the day all the participants of the event had the same hobbies and they also shared to a large extent same values. Today Assembly is open to everybody. The event gathers passionate members of the demo scene, online games, beginner programmers, information technology pros and others who just happen to interested about computers.

In this kind mixed and diverse environment the value which I would like everyone to share is therespect for others and their contributions to the event.

Every single Assembly visitor can either build or demolish the common party spirit. A good party spirit is built from open and friendly party attitude towards other visitors, which helps you from getting too stressed out from small and large unexpected problems. Those problems can happen to you, to your friends, to total visitors or to the organizing team. It also helps you to appreciate compos and the contributions in those that often require months of very hard work. This attitude is built from small things like shutting down your monitor during those compos, when there are contributions on the big screen. It is also requires that you need to appreciate the fact that some like online gaming more than demo programming. If they do, why get all upset about it? Remember that respect is a two way road: Don't go expecting respect if you can't give it yourself.

This short etiquette applies to each and every Assembly visitor: old demo scene farts, net addicts, online games, IRC-a-holics, IT pros as well as the top hax0r in the neighborhood.

Don't be the dude who ruins the party for others.

Distilled version:

Treat others like you'd like them to treat you.

-- Jussi Laakkonen a.k.a Abyss // ASMORG & Future Crew
Assembly main organizer - On the demo scene since '92, computer gamer since the early '80s.