Well planned is half done as the old saying goes. You should take care to plan your visit to Assembly properly: remember to take all essentials with you and make sure your computer is ready for the event.

Packing list for commons stuff


  • clothes: comfortable clothes (you will be sitting down for several days), plenty warm clothes (during night time, you will want to have something warm as the air conditioning can feel cold).
  • sleeping gear: sleeping bag, sleeping mattress and a pillow.
  • hygiene: tooth brush, toothpaste, personal hygiene products (don't forget your deodorant), towel.
  • medicine: painkillers (you might get a headache)
  • a couple of pairs of ear plugs.
  • a flashlight (the party place is dark).

  You can naturally bring a lot more. Please remember that very large PA equipment is forbidden. Read the exact rules here.

Remember that people typically bring a little bit too much stuff. You will most probably only need half of the stuff you are taking with you.

  Yes, you can bring coffee makers and microwave ovens, but you have to place these in a separate kitchen equipment area. You can't connect kitchen equipment to the electricity plugs at your computer place or anywhere near it.

Bringing your computer and preparing it

  If you are bringing your computer to Assembly, you need to prepare a bit to ensure a smooth party.

You can use any computer at Assembly, or even a video game console. You need to bring everything you need yourself including but not limited to

  • computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, mousepad etc.
  • power cables and at least one electricity extension cord with atleast 3 power outlets and 0.5 m or longer cord.
  • 15m network cable with RJ45 connectors (read more about the PartyNet).
  • small screwdriver (for opening your computer).
  • headphones (recommended) or speakers.

To use the Assembly PartyNet, you'll need a 100/1000 MBps Ethernet support and a 15 meter Ethernet cable and to install your LAN drivers. Read more in PartyNet instructions.

  You can also bring a gaming console with you. In this case you'll need to pack its assorted cables and controllers. Please also remember that due to constraints on the use of electricity, you can only use either your computer or your console at a time. Do not use both at the same time.

Remember to pack your equipment well! It is always possible that there will be snow, or other ways your computer to get dirty or wet.

Secure your computer

 You should take care that your computer is safe from viruses and hacking attempts. At minimum you should

  • Run an up to date anti-virus program. Remember to scan your machine before coming to Assembly to ensure that you are not bringing any malware to the event.
  • Run an up to date software firewall on your machine.
  • Disable any file sharing of personal or confidential files
  • Update your operating system with the latest security updates
  • Don't download and/or run suspicious programs from any source

Information security is a joint venture and everyone must participate. A large quantity of viruses have been spotted in the PartyNet in the past. There is a very high risk of being infected with a virus or worse, like identity theft malware, ransomware and so on, unless your machine is patched up-to-date, protected by a firewall and protected by anti-virus program. This document describes the steps you are expected take before leaving for Assembly, or if you have to re-install your machine at Assembly.

Use supported operating system

  Support for Windows XP and Windows 2000 has ended. Please move on to Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1


  In modern versions of Windows, updating happens automatically as a background task, but it still does not hurt to check. This is easiest to do from Control Panel - Windows Update, or by running 'wuapp.exe' from Start - Run dialog. Click on 'Check for updates' and install recommended/critical updates. It is likely that the machine needs to reboot after applying tha updates. Repeat the cycle until there are no more updates to install.

If you are using some other web browser than Internet Explorer (like Firefox, Opera or Chrome), make sure you have the latest version of that browser installed.

  Linux users should check update instructions from the distribution supplier.


Make sure you have an antivirus software installed and equipped with the latest virus database. Most antivirus packages are able to update the database automatically, so enable this option if you haven't already done so.

Free antivirus software for home use is available from e.g. Avira ( and avast! ( Please note that these are recommendations only, and Assembly Organizing doesn’t provide technical support for them.


Assembly Organizing strongly recommends you to keep your Windows firewall enabled in all profiles. Don't leave home without having firewall enabled. The configuration GUI is in Control Panel under name 'Windows Firewall', and you can start it by running 'wf.msc' from Start - Run dialog. Familiarize yourself with the settings before you come to Assembly and ensure you don't allow unnecessary inbound connections. There are add-ons like Windows Firewall Control to facilitate the settings, but they may be incompatible with the firewall functionality provided by antivirus programs (such as Avast! or Avira).

Protect your property

There is one word for it: common sense! If you are bringing equipment worth of several thousand euros to the party place, you should take care of it.

Compared to amount of computers and other valuables at the party place Assembly is a very safe place for one's equipment. However, every year a couple of valuable items go lost - either because they are stolen or the owner misplaces them. Majority of the actually stolen equipment is recovered within a couple of hours, but every time something is lost for good.


Precautions are everything. Make sure that somebody is always watching over your equipment: ask your friend(s) or the person sitting next to you to look over your equipment when you leave your computer place.

If you can't get anybody to watch over your property, bring it to the luggage deposit at the Infodesk.

Make sure your insurance covers the property you bring to Assembly. If your computer's hard drive crashes, it will be much less painful if your insurance company pays for it.

Don't leave valuable small items loitering around. For example, if you have a very expensive piece of headphones, place them in a bag or under the table, instead of leaving them on top of your computer.

Don't bring to the party place valuable property, which you don' t need! Use your common sense!

What to do if your property goes missing

The first step is always to look around. The party place is dark and you might have just misplaced your property. Next ask your neighbors if they have seen your property or noticed anything strange.

If you are sure, that something is missing go to the Infodesk or the Security HQ. If you have just misplaced your property, somebody might have brought it to the Infodesk (Lost & Found). If the missing property is valuable, you should talk immediately to the Security personnel.

Try to give as accurate description of the missing item and the circumstances (time, place etc) to the security personnel. This will increase our chances of recovering your property.