Getting out typically is easier than getting in. Loading entrance is open 24 h / day.

Note that unloading during the prize giving ceremony is not recommended!

You should to the same as when you are bringing in your equipment - only this time in reverse order so:

  1. Pack up your equipment at your computer place
  2. If you are by car, have your driver drive to the loading entrance and ask him to call you when he is there. Note, there may be delays, so wait until you know that the car is outside the loading entrace
  3. Check that you got everything with you
  4. Carry your stuff to the loading entrance (there are some carriages, but carrying is faster)
  5. Get out of the party place through a loading entrance
  6. Load your equipment on your car
  7. Return the carriage to the loading entrance

Note: If you can carry your equipment in e.g. 2-3 trips, you will be probably faster in/out than if you start waiting for a carriage!

Note 2: You can't take carriages outside of the party place.

Don't forget your stuff

 Every year there is a huge amount of stuff forgotten to the party place by visitors. Most typical items are

  • Towels: remember to check the showers for your towel
  • Sleeping bags and matresses: always take yours with you
  • Misc computer equipment: from monitors to keyboards and to mobile phones. Don't forget these.