Photo: Tuula Ylikorpi

Getting in


  • Main entrance (Southern entrance): 24 h / day, Thursday 10:00 - Sunday 16:00
  • Loading entrance (6.6): 24 h / day, Thursday 10:00 - Sunday 16:00

You can find the locations of the entrances on the map.

Once you have arrived at the venue it's time to bring your equipment in through the loading entrance. If you have only light load, you can also enter through the main entrance. 

1. Convert your e-ticket to a bracelet


You need to convert you e-ticket to a bracelet at main (southern entrance) or the loading entrance (6.6) before you can enter the venue. You need an smartphone or other device to show the QR code from our ticket sales system when you arrive. Alternatively you can print out your QR code from th ticket sales system in advance.

If you already have a bracelet, you can skip this step.

2. Bring your e-ticket and equipment to the loading entrance

  After parking walk to the loading entrance with your your equipment. There are a few red carts available for loading your equipment in, but since there are so many people and not that many carts, if you can carry your stuff in one go or two it will be faster than waiting for a cart. We recommend that you pack your equipment in bags or other easily carried containers, so that you can carry all your equipment rapidly in.

Then proceed to the security inspection at the loading entrance. Your property will be searched for illegal, forbidden and hazardous material. Please check our rules and do not bring any forbidden items to the party place.

Showing your e-ticket QR code on a smartphone or other device to our staff and you'll get a bracelet, which gives you around the clock access to the party.

3. Find your computer place

  If you bought your tickets in advance, your printed e-ticket codes include a map with your computer place marked on it. Make sure you bring this map with you. If you don't yet have a computer place, check the big screen for the computer place map - it will show the free places.

Find your computer place using the map, the computer place map on the big screen and guides attached to the tables. Each table is marked with its coordinates (e.g. "A1") and each computer place is marked with tape.

When you find your computer place, please double check that you are really in the correct place. There is a lot of hassle every year due to people sitting in wrong places.

A computer place is indicated by coordinates such as A1/3 or B12/38. These coordinates have two parts: table (e.g. "A1", "B12") and computer place in the table (e.g. "3", "38").

The table coordinates tell you where the table is located. The first letter (e.g. "A", "B") identifies the table column and the number (e.g. "1", "12") identifies the table row. The columns and rows are illustrated in the figure on the right.

A computer place is located in a table, so once you have found your table (e.g. "B8") the next step is to find your computer place in the table. There are tables of different size in the party arena, from 18 computer places to 42 computer places. The place number 1 is located in the left top corner and the last place in the right bottom corner. The numbering is illustrated in the figure below: 

4. Return any carriages to loading entrance

 If you loaned a carriage to transport your equipment, please return it to the loading entrance immediately after use.