ROG Masters Nordic CS:GO

Assembly Summer 2017 hosts the ROG Masters Nordic CS:GO final on August 5th with four teams competing for a prize pool of $15,000 USD and a chance to continue to the next step in the $250,000 ROG Masters CS:GO competition.

Once again Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a strong footing at Assembly as we are delighted to work together with ROG Masters and host the Nordic finals for the 2017 ROG Masters CS:GO tournament on August 5th, 2017 at Assembly Summer. The Nordic final will feature four teams, which are all selected via online qualifiers, and a prize purse of $15,000 USD. Furthermore, the winner of the Nordic final will advance to the ROG Masters EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Regional finals.

All the action is played out on Saturday, August 5th, following a double elimination playoffs bracket. The action takes place at the ROG arena inside Assembly Summer with ample room for spectators, so come join us and check out the tickets at Every match is also streamed with English and Finnish commentary.

Quick facts

Time: Sat, August 5, 2017
Place: Helsinki Convention & Exhibition Centre, Finland
Teams: 4
Prizes: $15,000 USD
Format: Double elimination playoffs
Participation: Online Qualifiers
Twitter: @assemblyparty



$15,000 USD will be spread among the teams as follows:


1. $8000 USD
2. $4000 USD
3. $2000 USD
4. $1000 USD


All times in EEST / CEST+1 / GMT + 3.

Saturday, August 5
12:00 Winner Bracket 1 (bo1)
13:30 Winner Bracket 2 (bo1)
15:00 Winner Bracket 3 (bo1)
16:30 Lower Bracket 1 (bo1)
18:00 Lower Bracket 2 (bo1)
21:00 Final (bo3)


If you can't come down to Helsinki and witness the action on site, the second best thing is to watch the games on Twitch. We will provide high quality English and Finnish streams produced right at the venue, which will follow though all the matches in the tournament.

Broadcast talent

  • English stream
    • Joona "natu" Leppänen
    • Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen
  • Finnish stream
    • Jaakko Palvaila
    • Juho "Schumi" Suutari 


The qualifiers are handled by ESL Play Nordic.


HAVU Gaming

 xartE - Mikko Välimaa
 KHRN - Jesse Grandell
 REFLEX - Timo Rintala
 Aleksib - Aleksi Virolainen
 sergej - Jere Salo

Alpha Gaming

 Kristou - Kristoffer Aamand
 wusung - Martin Nielsen
 thamlike - Jacob Holm
 vazor - Daniel Nørremark
 NoTaN1dgl - Anton Pedersen


 ottoNd - Otto Sihvo
 Bona - Verneri Junkala
 aune - Joonas Rantala
 Aerial - Jani Jussila
 Arvid - Tony Niemelä


 GAME - Pontus Perlborn 
 per0n - Per Norrbin
 noel - Noel Raki
 Courty - Igor Bornebusch
 yzn - Yacine Laghmari

Roster updates
August 3 -  Noel "noel" Raki replaces Alexander "Spywar" Johansson.


Starting matches are

  • Alpha Gaming vs Vitalis
  • HAVU Gaming vs SUPERTEAM

Check out the full results at

More info

More information about the general structure of the ROG Masters league can be found at