ASUS ROG Overwatch

Assembly Summer 2017 features the first ever ASUS ROG Overwatch tournament on August 3-4 with $9,500 USD in prizes up for grabs for eight invited teams.

ASUS ROG Summer 2017 Overwatch Tournament brings Overwatch back to Helsinki after a succesful competition held in Assembly Winter 2017. On August 3-4 we invite eight professional Overwatch teams to compete for the $9,500 USD prize pool and a chance to go up against the best teams in the Nordic region. We will provide streams with English and Finnish commentary, but the best way to experience the intensity of the game is head to the venue, Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre, and join the crowd. Check out the tickets at

Quick Facts

Dates: Thu 3 August - Fri 4 August, 2017
Place: Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland
Teams: 8
Prize pool: $9,500 USD
Format: Group Stage (bo3) + Single Elimination Playoffs (bo3), Final (bo5)
Streams: English & Finnish
Participation: Invitation only
Home page:


The event will be broadcasted in English and Finnish.


All times are in local time EEST / CEST+1 / GMT+3.

Thursday, August 3, 2017
14:00 Group A -⁠⁠ Group opening match #1 (stream)
14:00 Group A -⁠⁠ Group opening match #2
15:30 Group A -⁠⁠ Winners 
15:30 Group A -⁠⁠ Losers (stream)
17:00 Group A -⁠⁠ Decider (stream)

20:00 Group B -⁠⁠ Group opening match #1 (stream)
20:00 Group B -⁠⁠ Group opening match #2
21:30 Group B -⁠⁠ Winners 
21:30 Group B -⁠⁠ Losers (stream)
23:00 Group B -⁠⁠ Decider (stream)

Friday, August 4, 2017
21:00 Semi-⁠⁠final A, bo3
22:30 Semi-⁠⁠final B, bo3
00:00 Final, bo5

*Matches are played on an accelerated schedule, group starting times and the grand final are locked times. 


1. $ 5000 USD
2. $ 2500 USD
3-4. $ 1000 USD


The overall structure of the tournament is traditional with a double elimination group stage followed by single elimination playoffs. Matches in the group stage are played in the best-of-three format. In the playoffs, every match is a best-of-three except for final is played on best-of-five.

More Info

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