The highlight of Finnish eSports is ASSEMBLY, where every year the best players from Finland gather around to compete in various game titles professionally and casually. As the prizes get higher the professional level tournaments at ASSEMBLY attract international players all around the world as well. ASSEMBLY is highly respected among the Pro players.

ASSEMBLY offers gaming competitions to all types of players: from professional players fighting for the big bucks, to hobbyist players looking to train or just to have fun.

So, in short:

  • Pro tournaments are for "competition gaming" only and require pre-qualification.
  • Casual tournaments are open to everybody and mirror the Pro tournaments in rules and the games played.

Pro gaming competitions

Pro gaming competitions are the pinnacle of gaming competitions at ASSEMBLY. The goal is simply to find the best players in a number of internationally recognized games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Both team and individual competitions are part of the program.


Pro gaming tournaments are targeted for the very best players in Finland and internationally. Only a limited number of teams/individuals will be accepted to the competition.

Teams/individuals can be invited to join the competition. On some tournaments there are pre-qualification tournaments if needed. 

Tournament & Finals

The tournament is played at ASSEMBLY using sponsored PCs or video game consoles in separate tournament area.

International tournament qualification

ASSEMBLY co-operates with international eSports tournaments. Some of the Pro gaming events will be international tournament pre-qualification or full qualification events granting the winners the right to participate in the international tournament finals.


The Pro gaming tournaments have the biggest prize pool of all the gaming competitions at ASSEMBLY. 


Whether you are playing just for fun or practicing to get to the Pro-level, the casual gaming competitions are for you. Although the prizes are less glamorous, the action is definitely as high and the adrenaline is pumping. In casual gaming competitions the goal is to find the best non-Pro gamers at ASSEMBLY.

Target audience

Casual gaming tournaments are targeted for the all non-Pro gamers participating at ASSEMBLY. Please note that Pro gamers may not participate in casual competitions of the same game. We'll try to fit in as many players as possible to each competition.

There is no pre-qualification for casual gaming competitions.

Tournament & Finals

The tournaments are played during ASSEMBLY using the participants' own machines. Finals are played at the event using either sponsored PCs or video game consoles or participants' own machines depending on the availability of sponsored hardware. 


Casual game tournaments offer prize pool from small to big.