PMS - vote compo entriesThe result of most demoscene competitions are decided by a popular vote through Assembly's party management system (PMS). Every visitor can vote for the three best entries, except in demo compo, where votes are cast for the five best entries.

Voting is possible directly after all entries have been shown on the big screen.


Voting by regular visitors will assign points to the entries as follows. To give kudos to our oldskool visitors their votes will give four times as many points.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th
(only in demo compo)
(only in demo compo)
Regular visitor 11 7 5 3 1
Oldskool visitor 44 28 20 12 4

Anonymous pre-releases

Entries in the graphics and music compos will be released for preview without author information to support fair voting.

The final entries with author information will be released after the prize giving ceremony, when the author names need no longer to be protected.

The compo entries in group competitions, in which the author name will be shown on the big screen, will be released as soon as possible after showing the compo. This will allow the voters to see the productions in their own computers before voting.