Scene Lounge

Scene Lounge is here!

This time Assembly will offer demosceners a cozy corner where to meet-up old timers and newcomers. In between, we’ll be showing you the best products of this digitalized form of art. And of course, we’ll offer you a comfy sofa-area for the long nights of binge watching the democompos. In addition, you have a chance to follow live compo studios on site, so don’t fool around ;) Come and experience an alternative way to enjoy the party!

Scene Lounge is located right by the main screen at the top-right corner of the main hall.


All demoscene compos will be shown in Scene Lounge and compo studios can be watched live.


19:00-20:30 Demo show: Overview to Intros by rimina, noby & urs

19:30 Deadline: Lounge compo: Animated Gif

20:30-21:00 Lounge compo: Animated Gif

23:00-01:00 Demo show: Best of the past year by truck


11:45 Deadline: Lounge compo: Tuplain

12:45-13:45 Lounge compo: Tuplain

14:15 Voting for the lounge compos ends

14:45-15:00 Lounge Compo Prizes: Animated gif & Tuplain


00:15-02:15 Demo Show: Amiga by Terwiz & Freon

14:00-15:00 Keynote: Real time path tracing by msqrt / peisik^macau exports

16:00-17:00  Keynote: 64k are actually enough for everybody (if you know what you are doing, and really like to suffer a bit) by urs / mercury


01:00-?? Late night snack with Thoron & Solarius & Zog


64k are actually enough for everybody (if you know what you are doing, and really like to suffer a bit) by urs / mercury

UrsSqueezing code and music, lots of geometry and shading, a story and (if possible) emotion into 64 kilobytes may seem like an impossible task when seen from the perspective of somebody who's never worked on size-constrained intros. On the other hand, building 16 4k-intros and tying them together into one executable seems entirely ridiculous. The reality of building a 64k is somewhere in between these two approaches, and shares some of the blessings and pains of both. This talk will give some insight and anecdotes from the messy internals of 64k production.

Real time path tracing by msqrt / peisik^macau exports

msqrtDoing intros the unbiased way

Path tracing has many pleasant properties that have lead it to become the de facto method for offline rendering during the past decade. However, it is still computationally too costly for a real-time setting — at least in the conventional world. In the demoscene we can, as usual, bend the rules a bit and enjoy most of the benefits and least of the drawbacks. We’ll look a bit into the theory of light transport to gain a basic intuition of what’s going on and then transform this intuition into actual code.

Lounge Compos

Lounge compos are fun, not that serious compos where everyone can participate. The deadline is 1h before the compo in PMS.

Animated Gif

  • General compo rules and Finnish laws apply
  • Recomended length is 10-20s
  • Looping is highly recomended


Tuplain is youtube player where you can mix two videos so that you take audio from one and the video from other. It is made by fellow scener cce. In Tuplain competition your task is to create mind blowing and hilarious remixes of youtube content. Using demoscene related stuff is highly recomended (e.g. soundtrack from one demo and visuals from other).

You should enter the release to PMS as text file that contains the tuplain link. Also in this compo, Finnish laws apply.

Example Tuplain creation: On by Mercury vs. Emix by Epoch

Quick instructions for Tuplain

  • Create an URL with parameters:
  • audio = audio id (also v)
  • video = video id (also v)
  • audiostart, videostart = start time in seconds (also as, astart, vs, vstart)
  • vrate, arate = control playback rate. Try 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0.
  • vvol, avol = set volume 0-100. (also vv, av)

Tuplain entries

  1. Uhka Kojimasta by oksaperseessä2000^iSO
  2. Länsimetro by Zäk Kustöö
  3. High Concept Commentary of the Modern State of Being by Unssin pikkusiskon poikaystävä
  4. Popular Square by rimina
  5. It's Cold. Always. Cold. by Frost / Lynch
  6. Tuplasiika by Atomimaitokahvi
  7. Here I fixed it for you Gargloom/Conspiraxess
  8. Popular Gabriel by Steamer2
  9. Skinned cat conspiracy by florist
  10. Darkness Lay Your Votedisk Upon Me by Consprazory
  11. Eesti Animoituna by Branch
  12. Match made in 2006 by Sooda

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