The total value of all the prizes for Assembly Summer 2017 in demoscene and eSports competitions will be over 90.000 euros. The figure might go up depending of sponsors and budget.  Assembly Summer 2017 prizes will be all pure cash prizes. All demoscene related prizes are paid at the venue. If the winner is not present during the prize giving ceremony, he will be liable for the costs of any delivery of the prize afterwards.

All damages to the party place, other surroundings and other damages caused by party visitors will be reduced from the prizes before any prizes are paid. This is because of previous trouble with people breaking up places, furniture and spraying the walls and thus causing damages.

Depending of the quality and number of entries in each category, main competition organizer can opt to redistribute some of the prizes (max 50%) to other categories. All prizes will be paid at the party place. All the cash prizes will be paid in euros.

All the prizes from Assembly Summer 2017 event are tax free (act 1150/2014).

ASSEMBLY Summer 2017 prizes (in Euros):

Place Demo 64k 4k 1k GameDev Real Wild Oldskool Demo
1st 2500 1300 1300 1200 700 700 1200
2nd 1000 600 600 600 400 400 600
3rd 800 300 300 300 200 200 300
Sound & Vision
Place Dance Music Listening Music Fast Compos Short Film Graphics Photo
1st 600 600 ** 600 600 300
2nd 300 300 ** 300 300 200
3rd 100 100 ** 100 100 100

**) Fast Music, Fast Graphics and sports competitions prizes are Assembly diplomas.

Game tournament prizes can be found in the esports section.