Music competitions are for the playback of audible art, i.e., music tunes.

The entries are reproduced on a computer with a player program and they do not contain real-time computed effects unlike in the realtime competitions. Any device capable of playing the files is good for viewing the competition entries yourself.

Three different flavors of music competitions provide unique and fun challenges to the artists.

One track from one artist per competition. General music rules

Dance music

RulesListen to music entries

The Dance music competition is for music that has a danceable beat and character. It is something that you can groove to, get your energy flowing and feet moving.

Listening music

RulesListen to music entries

The listening music competition is for all music that doesnt fit to any specific category. Genres such as ambient, orchestral, ballads, fantasymusic and game/movie soundtracks belong to the Listening music compo.

Fast music

RulesListen to fast music entries

The Fast music competition is organized during the party: you have a given theme or some other constraints, 90 minutes of time, and you need to come up with an interesting song. It's the speed that counts – there is no time to fine-tune every minor detail to get the compelling piece of art finished.