Game development

The game development competition is intended to encourage the demo creators and everybody else to design interactive entertainment. It is not about creating the next Half-Life, Starcraft, or World of Warcraft, but creating something smaller and yet much more creative - as a result the games are usually fun and often wacky.

As a visitor you will be able to download and play the games to make up your mind before  for them. If you can not run the game yourself there will be recorded videos of the game in action.

The deadline for all the Gamedev compo entries is on 28th July, 2017 at 18:00 Finnish time (EEST or UTC+3). We will publish all the entries on 31st of July.

Check old gamedev entries here.


PixelMaze by Juhapekka Piiroinen

Collect pixels. Find Goal. 100 Seconds. For iOS. 

Download (iOS Appstore)

MidSummerSurvival by Juho Metsävuori

Blender, Krita, Audacity, Unreal spaghetti code 

Download (Windows)

Medical Force: Overdrive! by Clusterloop

In a dark future, social- & healthcare reform has gone horribly wrong. Multinational corporations controlling the healthcare system only want to maximize their profits but from this darkness, a clinic with unconventional methods rises, defiantly battling the sickness that is plaguing the world.

Download (Windows) Download (Android)

Dark Commander by Teemu Miettinen

Dark Commander is turn-based strategy game with cartoon graphics and medieval atmosphere.
Player plays as undead leader who command his forces against the humans.
Do you have enough guts to conquer these filthy peasants? 

Download (Windows)

Just Fly Dat Thing by Miika Pelkonen

Just Fly Dat Thing is a classic-kind-of cave flyer game with some modern 2D physics. The game includes multiple levels. The levels are accomplished by picking up all the gold bars and by flying to the exit. 

Download (Windows)

FinSummerVR by Team Möns

FinSummerVR is about experiencing the Finnish summer in virtual Reality. In the game you can play finnish summer games like mölkky. Grill sausages, drink some Nalle or just explore in interactive enviroment. 

Download (Windows & SteamVR)

Shotgun Dungeon by Juuso Soikkeli

Shotgun Dungeon is a challenging and fast-paced action platformer. Armed with your trusty shotgun - shoot and jump your way through the dungeon and try to reach the great treasure at the end. 

Download (Windows) Download (Web)

UFO Shooter by FIVR AR/MR Lab

UFO Shooter is a game exploring possibilities of X-reality gaming. The game is simple, VR player tries to kill the UFO and vice versa. The game requires HTC Vive, but the game supports AR (phone attached to controller) through OBS and there’s full native support for MR. 

Download (Windows & SteamVR)

Aamusimulaattori by Frans Lehmusvaara, Joa Riski, Vili Manninen

Mikä on parasta, mitä suomalainen mies voi tehdä housut jalassa? Aivan, olla vesisateessa keskiyöllä lämmittämässä rikkinäistä telttaa - intissä. Aamusimulaattorissa pääset kokemaan autenttisen kipinävuoroelämyksen ja nauttimaan kivien, miinojen ja alkoholin tuottamasta lämmöstä. 

Download (Windows & OSX)

Bulldozage Inc. by Team Bulldozage

BULLDOZAGE INC.Casual accelometer controlled mobile game in which you take control of a heavy machinary and destroy everything on your way clearing challenging tracks. Game is for android mobile devices, and is optimised for smooth flowing gameplay experience. Check it out! 

Download (Android)

Hakkur by Saku Syngelmä

In Hakkur, you play as a hacker for hire, who is tasked with hacking into corporate and private networks in order to uncover their secrets. Main focus is on the shoot ‘em up action, but you can also interact with the environment in the HUB area, and accept more missions through the phone. To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash


Game of Ukkels: Japan Kaiki by Kepuli Games

Spartakos Kyber is back and ready to punish the lawless. Kill fugitives with five different weapons across ten levels in this bloody top-down shooter. Warning: contains tank controls and homegrown tracker music. 

Download (Windows)

Crisis Wing - Caravan Edition by Pieslice Productions

Crisis Wing - Caravan Edition is single-stage score-attack shoot'em'up game with beautiful hand-drawn early 90's style pixel art and rocking chiptune music. Supports controllers and rotatable monitors for full arcade experience. 

Download (Windows) Download (OSX)

Trauma by Work In Progress

Trauma is a puzzle platformer game with a harsh narrative. The game tells a story of a man who suffers from dissociative amnesia. He has experienced traumatic event which he goes through subconsciously. The Game uses death creatively in mechanics, and light and darkness plays their role in game design. 

Download (Windows)

Beach Ball Bears by Tikotus

Beach Ball Bears is a game about bears who play beach ball.Play against your friends (up to 4vs4 hot-seat). Choose a smaller ball for higher difficulty. Technology: C++ / Lua / OpenGL / Emscripten 

Download (Play in web browser) Download (Web package)