Pehu and Abyss. Photo: Santtu Pajukanta


ASSEMBLY events are the largest and most respected "demo-scene" events in the world. Assembly has a stunning history from year 1992 onwards and we expect over 5000 visitors from all over the world to join the event and the competitions. These pages are directed for the press and media.

ASSEMBLY expanded into two events in 2007. Assembly Summer is the original Assembly event, bringing together people interested in demoscene, games and computers, where Assembly Winter has it's focus more on gaming.

Press visits and accreditation

Journalists and press have free entrance to ASSEMBLY.

If you have a valid press identification, you do not need prior accreditation. Simply show your ID at the door for entrance.

If you do not have a press ID, please email us. We would like to know:

  • What media are you working with?
  • What is your role?
  • What kind of coverage are you planning?
  • How many people are coming with you (cameramen, ...)?

Once you are at the event, please contact the Infodesk near the main entrance to inquire for instructions and interviews.


If you have any questions, please send us an email.


All press photos can be freely used with the publication of ASSEMBLY-related news or features. The origin and photographer must be credited where the photo is used (e.g. "Tuula Ylikorpi / ASSEMBLY Organizing"). All pictures are in JPEG format, sRGB color space. Minor edits and cropping is allowed.

Press photos