Pehu and Abyss. Photo: Santtu Pajukanta


Assembly Organizing reflects 25 years of computer festival history - from being a rebel dream to becoming one of the largest computer festivals in Europe.

1992 - A rebel dream

The first party held in a school in Kauniainen was dreamed up a couple of guys from Rebels. It was to be a great event with over 700 visitors. The first main organizer (Meegosh) pulled this off together with demo groups like RebelsComplex, and Future Crew.

Since this party a lot of has happened, but the idea is still the same - getting like-minded people to gather at one central place, making sure everything runs well, having great compos, and still enjoying yourself while working like crazy for over 70 hours straight. =)

Back then the teams already had different responsibilities such as organizing graphic compos or taking care of the cafeteria. For a number of years this tradition of organizing the event as joint effort of different demo groups continued.

1995 - Assembly Organizing incorporated

With the increasing success of the party the 1995 organizing team also grew rapidly and decided to specialize in organizing the demo party (as compared to creating the actual demos). 

At the same time people without any demogroup affiliation became an important part of the organizing team together with the veterans for the early years. As the team grew it needed an identity of its own and has been known since as "Assembly Organizing".

At the same time we also faced increasing financial stakes and thus we incorporated as a Finnish non-profit company known as "Assembly Organizing". The company has since been providing a reliable foundation to our sponsors and contractors.


In 1995 the organizing team consisted of around 60-80 persons, while today Assembly Organizing consists of over 200 volunteers with considerably different backgrounds working throughout the year to make sure the Assembly events are as spectacular as you know them to be.

Assembly also became a symbol for bringing demoscene ideas to the public. This would not have been possible without the over 60 person-strong AssemblyTV team which has very strong competencies in film, audio, and video production as well as in acting and in journalism.

However, Assembly has not only been about the demo scene but always been a place where digital culture and lifestyle would present itself. In addition to the demo events there grew a multitude of facets that became a steady part of the party: music, geek sports, robot wars, and seminars. Especially gaming became an essential part of Assembly eventually growing into a second event - Assembly Winter - just for gamers.

Back in the early '90s nobody dared to hope that the Assembly would become such a long-running success. The credit for the Assembly parties of today belongs to all of the over 500 organizers. They have always put their hearts and souls into organizing each Assembly to be remembered as a fantastic party. The organizers Abyss and Pehu are sincerely grateful for the support over all these great years of Assembly.

The juridical entity behind the event is Assembly Organizing Oy and it's only function is to organize Assembly events in Finland.

Past events